It's Time to Cancel the Consumer

The age of the typical brand-consumer relationship is over. In its place is an audience of human beings looking for real relationships with human-centered brands. We spoke to 1,200 people to understand their desires.


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64% of people told us they prefer doing business with brands that understand them on a human level vs. brands that keep it all business.

It's no longer sufficient to simply make the sale and move on. Showing you truly understand the human behind the purchase, their hopes and fears, will forge a relationship that endures.

77% of people said trust and reliability are the most important traits for building brand relationships.

Like any relationship, the one you share with the public has to be built on trust. To be a human-centered brand you need to understand your brand’s human core, stay true to it, and share openly with your audience.

With more trust comes more honesty. People that claim to have a good relationship with a brand are more willing to share personal information.

Consumers Make Purchases.

Humans Become Believers.

All of this data leads to a universal truth. People want to be in relationships with brands they trust and respect. So be that friend your customers want to spend time with. The more they share with you the more resonant and effective your marketing efforts will become.

Truth. Karaoke. Goat Yoga.
And other keys to successful marketing.

Consumers don’t create betting pools on The Bachelor. Consumers don’t take awesome road trips. Learn the ukulele. Discover lifesaving cures. And they don’t fall asleep at night dreaming about lifelong ambitions.


I'ts time to cancel the consumer

The relationship between brands and people is no longer just transactional. Humans crave honest, emotional resonance from brands. In this paper we explore how to achieve that.

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